Christmas Bubbles!!!

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it… Well in our family anyway.

This year I stayed away from the Grande Marques and sampled an amazing grower champagne from Damery. They have had a new lease of life since the next generation of Bouillot’s have started to have more input into the business.

Goutorbe Bouillot have been providing grapes to Krug and Moët for many years but they have now and wisely so decided to concentrate on their own cuvée or cuvée’s.

I chose their Cuvée NV, its high levels of Pinot Noir and Meunière give a wintery richness just perfect for all the rich delights served on the table. The solera system of reserve wines gives a beautiful weight and creaminess which is sometimes hard to achieve without the financial ability to store lots of reserve wines over the years. The lack of Malolactic fermentation helps what could otherwise be a heavy champagne retain a limey zesty acidity to help balance all that smoke salmon!!

If this is a sign of things to come then I can’t wait till next Christmas.

Anyone keen?? Pop in to The Wine Shop at Harrods and get yourself a bottle for under £40.00



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