Ok, so maybe we won’t all drown in our pool of wine!!

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, especially if you have been chatting with Mr Redfern. Ok maybe I was slightly quick on making such harsh statements, but I am well-known for being opinionated.

So for this reason lets hear what the other side has to say!

So I stand corrected, prime sites still available. The outbreak of Phylloxera meant that many a farmer had to uproot all vines, replanting was not only quicker but also cheaper in the valleys than up on some great slope, hence we now have room for improvement and replanting could be achieved. However to be able to replant under current jurisdiction one would have to uproot and then replant, time and money that rural farmers just don’t have and to make matters even better subsidies for bad wine would be revoked. Basically this means you make bad wine your lumped with it yourself!! No more distilling for you.

I must add this does not alter the fact that we may be inundated with new vine growth and many a producer does stand to lose its home and business, maybe good for the consumer but not very good for humanity.


Whats your opinion?

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