E2 a REAL foodies part of Town!!



Two minute walk from Bethnal Green station towards Hackney, just past the V&A museum of childhood is a beautiful town hall in the Art Deco style… Viajante we are slowing hearing this whisper about town and a good thing too! But it’s not the wonderful Viajante that I’m talking about today it’s The Corner Room.

The Corner Room is the brain child of the creative genius Nuno Mendes and he’s supported by a motivated crew of young chefs from every corner of the world.

Walking through this charming hallway up the beautiful winding stairs feeling as though I’m in a Oscar Wilde novel.

Greeted by genuine smiles and offered a table, in this perfectly lit room. Back walls covered in amazing vintage spotlights and flowers in all the right places giving a sense of home. With 9/10 tables it’s not big and getting a table on a Saturday is not always easy..(but don’t worry the bar is amazing too, almost worth not getting a table straightaway). The menu is a A5 side with the other side showcasing small boutique wineries at very good prices.

Greeted with delicate intense olives and real hackney sourdough bread with salty butter and I’m already smiling.

The menu is hard to describe, peasant Iberia meets New York comes Japan with a dash of Szechuan China.

After all the amazing starters we had I went for the Onglet, it was cooked to perfection accompanied by smoked yogurt and earthy Celeriac, drops of pine oil with delicate Shimeji mushroom , my taste buds were on fire but without being overwhelmed,everything was in harmony just as it should be when following the techniques of the Japanese kitchen, then we have the Portuguese influence, rich local ingredients slow cooked to perfection. Then we have the Mendes stamp with the smokey smoothness of the yogurt and the delicate freshness of the pine oil. Presentation was perfectly demonstrated showing how out of the box and creative they can be, original but with the precision of the great masters.

What to drink, well it had to be something just as complex with enough depth to match those amazing flavours.
Chateau Musar ’01 for those of you not familiar with Musar, try it. It’s earthy with a hint of fresh herbs, black berries and sweet wood with a touch of spice.

All in all this place was fantastic, if this was Mayfair you’d be paying 3 times the £14.00 they charge and it would have 1 star!! Oh and water all night only costs £1.00….


Whats your opinion?

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