Is Champagne the making of us?

Well it could well be….

Comparing the views of the well spoken Francoise Peretti (Director of Champagne Information Bureau) and the fact filled statistics of Spiros Malandrakis who is an Industry Analysist for Euromonitor International was very interesting indeed but after the words of Historian Dan Jones, we really should’ve seen this coming.

There is a definite pattern forming, the consumer gets carried away with a life of luxury only to see it topple all around us. With the ups and downs of Champagne sales we can observe the same happening with the real GDP.

Let’s take the Great Depression as an example, Champagne sales where at a high as was the nation in the golden years. About 6 months to a year before the Depression hit us, Champagne sells dropped, with over 150 million bottle left in the cellars of Champagne. Some producers even using bogus labels to hide the fact they were selling at an all time low price. This pattern has happened ever since whenever we experience some form of economic crisis. ( That is without the bogus labels).

Should Cameron be working with the likes of Moet and Perrier Jouët??

2011 saw 79% of overall Champagne sells happen in Western Europe with a 12% growth in Africa and the Middle East, does this come as a Surprise? I am not so sure, Nigeria has been enjoying super premium Cognacs for the last few years… Champagne had to follow.

Going back to the whole notion that Champagne is leading the way with its crystal ball, Greece saw sales down by 35%!!!!

Where is Champagne going? Accordingly to the CIB (Champagne information Bureau) value and quality is the key with flagship wines like NV shining through as they demonstrate the skills and craftsmanship of the Champenois. Environmentally Champagne has been leading the way for decades, albeit slightly unnoticed. They currently have 40 initiatives with 16 R&D plans and this as a collective region, not bad I must say.

There was also a mention of bringing together the two worlds that we live in, but I must add that until we can get the average consumer to trade up a £ or two on a still wine we may be waiting awhile until we see the return of the Belle Époque era.

One last point. Pressure what a fantastic idea, the adjustment of it. Why do some people think that they have a dislike of Champagne because and I quote ‘It’s too fizzy’ , which along with the price is leading people towards the more casual form of fizz, Prosecco. If we could adjust the pressure I think you could attract a whole new market. This with a re-sealable bottle and hey presto we have just got every under 30 year old drinking Champagne (well hopefully). On a realistic level, growth is predicted at a level of about 1.5-2% over the next 5 yrs. Fingers crossed.


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