Domaine Gauby, Cotes du Roussillion, Vielles Vignes 2006

Gerard Gauby is the Meister and Carignan from 125 year old vines is the muse….

1985, Gauby saw the light and cut ties with the local co-op and what a good move that was. A story often repeated as the south of France saw a movement towards quality winemaking.

This vintage was a blend of 25% Grenache, from vines of at least 55 years of age. Syrah and Movedre from vines that have reached at least their 20th birthday and the star of the show has to be 125 year old Carignan vines making up 35% of the blend. If all this wasn’t enough the yields are tiny, minuscule even, at 20hl/ha. How does this guy make a living?

Terms of taste the palate showed signs of kirsch and black cherries, violets, thyme, sage even. This was all supported by fine, grippy tannins. Just as you thought that was it layers of chocolate, liquorice and bacon fat waft on through.

Absolute class and you know what, I am not ashamed to say that without that tiny touch of Brett this wine wouldn’t have that thing! (and all of you out there instantly disagreeing, just try it and relax, no-ones judging you! Brett is not always the enemy).

The Wine Society £30.00

If you get the chance his whites really still the show as does the top cuvée Muntada.


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