How the small were falling but the mighty still shone – Moet Chandon 1911 release

This is a wine that until now, has been shut away in one of my many notebooks sprawled all other the place. It’s about time my thoughts got shared as its been a while.

France 1911-to be exact the rolling hills of Champagne.

Political unrest, fraud & delimitation….. it is not always a recipe for disaster. The Champenois showed patience. It wasnt until 1911, that they realised they just couldn’t sit back any longer.

Bad vintages on top of the pest outbreak, and then THE hail of 1910. Topped off by the fact German and Spanish grapes were constantly being used. I mean this enough to tip any winemaker over the edge isn’t?

Some say it was the delimitation of 1908, that lite the match. What ever it was, it led to a huge revolt in Damery, January 1911. Champagne changed from this day onwards.

Believe it or not I am not writing this because of the downfall ( isn’t it rather fitting looking at our present political situation!) but because during all this a particular house managed to do some magic amongst all this negative energy.

Moet et Chandon!

November 11th 2011-Knightsbridge, London.

Gold with hints of amber. Soft almost non-existent mousse, just trying to slowly to escape. Fresh button mushroom just turning to dried porcini – no, wait a minute maybe there is a hint of Perignord truffle. Hints of hay and honey just fighting through.

Fresh mild acidity, almost exotic. Limes & Seville oranges. Here it comes walnut and pecan.

Yes there is a lot of bottle variation, but both winemaker and company were totally aware of this hence MANY bottles were disgorged in January 2011 and many discarded for that reason.

I also understand that what I have just described, may not be everyone’s idea of Champagne, but hey this is no ordinary Champagne and I would like to thank them for such an experience.

For what ever PR/marketing reasons that this was released, is a discussion on its own. All I can say is that it was a interesting experience that I wont forget in a hurry.

Moet sold the Champagne is cases of six, and only six were available if I am not mistaken. The first being sold at auction in China.

For those of you interested the last I heard was that Harrods had one case priced at £65’000!


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