What now?

So what now – all suggestions welcome? Two years later, £3000 poorer and a lot thirstier!

These last few months have been atrocious, the unknown and the uncertainty. What if, just what if i’m not actually very good at the one thing that I actually want to dedicate my life to. What if?

I mean, starting from scratch is so not an option being that I already gave up the Michelin star world in search of true happiness, and let’s face it we ain’t getting any younger! So, here I am the day after getting my results and I just can’t stop smiling.

Looking at my checklist and being able to say “WSET Diploma – Check” what a feeling, although at the same time a hundred thoughts are running through my head – MS? MW? (3 days left to apply for the latter.)

I’m not ready to stop learning about the topic that fascinates me through to the bones but I’m also not ready to approach the above two. Or am I? Maybe I’m just scared?

Well, one things for sure, 2012 is my year. Great new job and all! Let’s see what 2013 brings apart from a wrinkle or two more.


2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I know you will end up being a winemaker or the year think about it! I do miss a lot! My all the best for you anywhere anytime. Besos

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