Copenhagen – Where my food dreams came true!


IMG_3975This review of our last Copenhagen trip got lost amongst the drafts. Ooops.

Copenhagen, a place on every foodies list, right? After only one attempt, boom table for 2 booked. So after breaking the news to one very excited young man, it was time to draw up an action plan.

A foodie trip of this caliber needs planning, military planning. We had to use every second as efficiently as possible. So few hours so much food to eat.IMG_3974





We decided to fill the afternoon hunger pains with THOSE legendary Danish pastries from Meyers Bageri (backery owned by foodie hero and Noma founder) washed down with great coffee from The coffee collective, both of this treasures are tucked away on the hip, almost east London esk street of Jægersborggade.



IMG_3953After huge consideration (and after checking bank balance) we decided that the brain child of the awesomely talented Matt Orlando, Amass would be the restaurant of choice on the 2nd night.





And what a  frigging choice ( I am still dreaming of THAT pumpkin and rosemary oil not to mention the fermented potato bread).


I would actually go as far to say that Amass has taken the top slot on my favourite restaurant list. Chilled environment, great music and mind blowing food. And just when I thought this place couldn’t get any better, when we explained to the front of house that we were going to walk back to our hotel ( a good 45 mins) they returned with 2 local beers for the journey! Now that is my kinda Petite Fours! – its all in the details. Restauranteurs take note.


Oh and then the main attraction.

Want to know how front of house should work? Go visit Noma. Attentive, on the ball and as knowledgeable as any 3 star chef, this only barely sums up the fantastic service team at Noma. The restaurant was modern but laid back, funky but at the same time was proud of its Danish traditions.

Every dish served was presented with such precision and class. I experienced something that I will never forget. Front of house has a tendency to stand in the shadows of great chefs, but guys get yourself a great team of storytellers and you can lift your restaurant to another level.

Noma has been reviewed enough, so I won’t go into the food. But what I will say is, believe the hype! Noma is like no other……..

CPH see you soon.


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