London calling……

photo 1Its mid November and I’m back in good ‘ole Switzerland finally shedding the weight I put on during a crazy almost unreal food orgy had in London a few weeks back, and i thought its about time I got writing.

There is far too much to add in 1 post, so lets start with the last supper.

Ramen. And when I say Ramen not just any old Ramen joint. Kanada-Ya.

This tiny, newly opened ramen bar specialises in the glossy almost butter rich tonkotsu ramen. Ohhhh THAT broth. Its all in THAT broth. 18hrs. Prime pork belly or neck. This is the real deal.
After the first spoonful your lips glisten like you’ve just smeared them in lip balm. This is a dish that makes you feel good all year round.

After a week of gorging in London I maybe should’ve opted for the regular Ramen but course not, this is Amanda ordering after all, so I went all out for the Chasiu men – basically Ramen deluxe with heaps of pork collar and an extra Hanjuku egg for good measure.

This is not a place for the impatience,but if im honest I found the wait quite entertaining. Young Asian school kids, probably not any older than 14, holding on to their Givenchy clutches discussing the woes of London private schools (and this was only the boys). All in all we waited 50 minutes but it was so worth the wait.

If you give yourself a treat this winter, make it a bowl of Kanada-ya ramen. And as with the broth, its all about timing. Time it right and you won’t see a queue in anywhere insight.


photo 4photo 2

Kanada-ya |64  St Giles High Street   | WC2H 8LE   London


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