Pictures speak louder than words. Uco Valley Cosecha PART 1

Cheval 1947 Magnum - Crazy flavours of India going on here!

Cheval 1947 Magnum – Crazy flavours of India going on here!

Yes that is what you think it is and yes it was amazing!!

Yes that is what you think it is and yes it was amazing!!

Still think I was dreaming!

Still think I was dreaming!

What a frigging battle.....

What a frigging battle…..

Are we to drown in a pool of wine?

So everyone from Andrew Jefford to Adam Lechmere are talking about it. Devastating appellation plans of growth. Are we not looking at annual graphs and charts and discussing how much wine we are over producing and how much needs to be distilled? Yes I thought so too, until I began to hear the whispers of a new European Union proposal last year.

I can understand that as a property owner, I want to feel that I lord of the land can plant what I feel fit to s0w, and why should a group of strangers tell me what fruit I can surround myself with.

But please I beg of the all mighty, otherwise known as The European Commission to think very strongly of the long-term effects. Please by all means let people have a share of The Good Life, but there is a good chance that I do not want to have to pay £10.00 for a bottle of it.

Looking at Burgundy, are we not sometimes confronted with a glass of uninspiring rather dull Pinot Noir? Well I know I have certainly had this experience and it wasn’t a cheap one at that,and it was a 1er Cru! Just imagine if the plans go ahead Burgundy would double in size as would Bordeaux. Rioja would increase its plantings from 59,212ha to 350,000ha and this all by 2020, help.

As mentioned before I am all for a free planting scheme but not if said fruit is allowed to be put in a AC or IGT classified wine. Wine has been made for many a century and we have exhausted or at least are trying to exhaust all the prime sites that we can, every producer worth anything is looking for that perfect Terrior and perfect eco environment, so naively so that leads me to think that if we have yet to plant in a water retaining shallow field, there may well be a reason for this. But please correct me if I am wrong.

Do not fear, do not fear it is yet to be confirmed but currently a majority is still needed for a offical reconsider.

Please don’t let us drown in a vast pool of over produced wine……